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Andrés Gavilano is a sculptor with an international career. With over 35 years of experience, he has works in private, public and monumental collections in different partf of the world, among other:


  • Chan Chung Monumental Sculpture Park, China.

  • Laguna de Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina.

  • International Museum of the End of the Century, Seoul, Korea.

  • Plaza de las Banderas, Cochabamba, Bolivia.

  • Besos public square Barcelona, ​​Spain.

  • Private collections in several cities in Europe and the United States of North America.


He lives in Barcelona where he has started a project to encourage public interest in sculpture.


Gavilano highlights the value of using fine materials for the creation of works of art and uses semiprecious stones, marble, granite creating pieces in bronze, iron, wood, etc.


He works in the restoration of monuments, farmhouses and historic houses, developing his own designs and using the original techniques and materials.


Designs and makes trophies for various competitions.

In the artist's words 

With the experience of recent years in international symposia and having made monumental sculptures in public spaces, I have been able to appreciate with great satisfaction how the neighbours get visitors of the area where I work are involved with the creative process.


For example, during the realization of the last work in stone that I did in the "Art al Carrer" festival held in Sant Adrià de Besòs, in addition to having constant monitoring by the neighbours, the process generated real gatherings around the work and many people got involved in such a way with my work, that they spent their time discussing the possibilities of finishing and even the name that the work should haf. I consider this

something extraordinary because the response of the public exceeded my expectations and

also that of the organizers of the event.

Some customers

International Amnesty

Schibsted Motor Awards

Associazione degli Amici Dello Sport

Facetas magazine

New Economy magazine

Solo exhibitions.

2018 / injuries / Los Tajibos Gallery / Santa Cruz Balivia.


2012: 2018 / Permanent exhibition / Estudio Abierto Gavilano / Barcelona, Spain.


2004/“Terra”.7 Arch Angel Cultural Center./ Vienna, Austria.


2003/“Viento Del Sur”. /Center for Alternative Art./ La Paz, Bolivia.

2003/“Fragility”./ Los Tajibos. /Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

2000/“Talismans and Mandalas”./ Rastros Gallery./ Cochabamba, Bolivia.

2000/“Talismans and Mandalas”./ Alternative Art Center./ La Paz, Bolivia.

1999/“Eye of the Hurricane”./ Art Space, Hotel Europa./ La Paz, Bolivia.

1999/“Born Virgo”. /Rastros Gallery. /Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Group exhibitions.

2008/Farró Putxet /Open Workshops II Edition.

2007/“Sodalite Sculptures”./ Corte Inglés Art Gallery./ Barcelona, Spain.

2006/“The feelings of water”./ Collective Christmas Exhibition./ Club Natación/ Barcelona, Spain.


2006/Teresarius Artists Collective./ Francolí Cultural Space. /Barcelona, Spain.


2006/“Off the Canvas”./ Defined Art Gallery./ Surrey, London, UK


2005/ Gallery./ Barcelona, Spain


2005/Cincómonos Art Space./ Barcelona, Spain.

2005/New Millennium Center for the Diffusion of Art./ Barcelona, Spain.

2005/“S.O.S. for a pair of Slippers”./ Center for Alternative Art. /La Paz, Bolivia.

2004/Conference of Latin American Presidents. /Convention Center Los Tajibos. /Santa Cruz, Bolivia,

2004/Arcogarten Gallery. /Linzer, Austria.

2003/“Bolivian Art in Uraguay”./ El Pais Contemporary Art Museum. Montevideo,/ Uraguay.

2003/“Bolivian Art Circuit”. / City wide art exhibit organized by the Taipinquiri Cultural Center.// La Paz, Bolivia.

2001/“International Sculpture Exhibition”. /Seoul Art Center./ Seoul, South Korea.

2001/“Contemporary Bolivian Art”./ National Art Museum. /Santiago, Chile.

1999/“International Sculptors Interchange Exhibition”. /Seoul Metropolitan Museumof Contemporary Art./ Seoul, South Korea.

1998/“International Stone Sculpture Exhibition”./ Villa Carlos Paz Cultural House./ Cordoba, Argentina.

1995/“Contemporary Arch Angels”./ Unico Art Gallery./ La Paz, Bolivia.

International events.

Represented Bolivia in the following international events:

2001/5th Anniversary of the International Sculptures Association. Seoul Art Center. Seoul,/ South Korea.

2000 /International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture./ Changchun, China

1999/ “Sculptures from the End of the Century”./ Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art. /Seoul, South Korea.

1998/ International Symposium of Stone Sculpture. Organized by Amuchástegui Luque Foundation. /Villa Carlos Paz.

Cordoba, Argentina.

Monumental work

2003/ “Fósil del futuro” /Alcides D`Orbigny Natural History Museum./ Cochabamba, Bolivia

2001/ “Diversidad en Equilibrio”. /22 ton granite sculpture. 6m x 4m x 2.4m./ Las Banderas Plaza. El Prado Avenue./ Cochabamba, Bolivia.

2000/ “Bolivian Women”. /Sculpted in Marble. 4m x 1m x 1m./ International Sculpture Park./ Changchun, China.

1999/ “Simbiosis”./ Homage to the Bolivian scientist Dr. Ovidio Suárez. Metal and wood sculpture. 2.20m x 1.40m x 1.20m./ Ovidio Suárez Street. /Cochabamba, Bolivia.

1998/ “Mama Uma”./ A homage to water. Marble Sculpture. 1.20m x .80m x .80m. /Villa Carlos Paz. Cordoba Argentina.

1998 /“Ala de Libertad”./ Monument in homage to the Bolivian former president Gualberto Villarroel. Metal sculpture. 14m x 6m x 2m.7 G. Villarroel Military College. La Paz, Bolivia.

1997/ “Resurrección”. /Metal Sculpture. 3.6m x 1,8m x 1.8m. /General Cemetery. /Cochabamba, Bolivia.

1993/“Amistad”/ Sculpted in hollowed concrete. 3m x 1m x 1m. /Friendship Square. /La Paz, Bolivia

Awards and honours

2003 / Chosen to carry out the monumental work in the Plaza de Las Banderas / Cochabamba, Bolivia.

2000/ Chosen to be part of the International Park of Monumental Sculptures / Chan ChungChina.

1999/Chosen to create the public sculpture tribute to the Bolivian scientist Dr. Ovidio Suárez./Cochabamba, Bolivia.

1998/selected to be part of the public sculpture collection of / Villa Carlos Paz Córdoba, Argentina.

1998/ Chosen to create the public work that represents the former president of Bolivia, Gualberto Villarroel / Bolivia

1997/ Resurrection / Metal (3.6 x 1.8 x 1.8 mt) General Cemetery of /Cochabamba, Bolivia.

1993/Selected for the creation of a sculpture in tribute to Friendship / La Paz Bolivia.

Trophy design

2015-2019 / International Animetry Award for the DOCS documentary film international festival, / Barcelona, Spain

2012-2019 / Schibsted Motor Awards, and, / Madrid, Spain.


2012-2018 / International Fencing Tournament, organized by the Associazione degli Amici Dello Sport, Liceo Italiano / Barcelona, Spain.

2001-2002 / The Facetas Prize. / Cochabamba, Bolivia

2003-2004 / The New Economy Prize. / La Paz, Bolivia


To get to know the artist and his work, you can visit him at Estudio Abierto Gavilano: A space where you can see not only the current works but also the process of creation in the setting that takes place.

To arrange an appointment you can use the following means:

Phone: (+34) 626 873 691


You can also fill out the form at the bottom of each page:

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